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Resources for Veterans

Counseling Center Services for Veterans

  • Individual Counseling
    • For Combat Veterans:
      • A Readjustment Counseling therapist from the Austin Vet center is available for appointments on Thursdays. Please call 512-254-2208 to schedule an appointment.
    • For all other Veterans:
      • The Texas State Counseling Center offers individual counseling to currently enrolled students. Please call 512-254-2208 or click here for info on how to set up an initial consultation.

The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion (SDI)

The OSDI maintains a comprehensive listing of on-campus and community resources that may be helpful to Student Veterans. It serves as a clearinghouse for Veterans.

Click here for the OSDI Veterans services page.

Mental Health and Veterans

Whether this is your first semester or you are a few months from graduation, the transition from the demands of military life to those of the university life is sometimes confusing and may create a significant amount of stress. See the links below for information about common mental health topics of interest to Veterans.

Suicide Prevention/Crisis Prevention

Call: 1-800-273-8255
Text: 838255