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Making an Initial Appointment

End of Semester Sessions

Each semester, when the Counseling Center has no more capacity to add new clients seeking ongoing counseling, we replace initial consultations (ICONs) with one-time sessions for the remainder of the semester. As of Wednesday, November 1st the Counseling Center will begin offering one-time sessions. These one-time sessions are an hour in length and focus on problem solving more immediate issues. If students are in need of further services, we will help them connect with additional resources outside of the Counseling Center.


Therapist Assistance Online, an interactive, dynamic, and easy-to-access online program is available to the Texas State community and provides skill building exercises in support of anxiety, depression, and other common concerns.

If you are interested in using Counseling Center services, please call 512-245-2208 or visit our office in LBJSC 5-4.1.  If you are seeking Group Counseling or Couples Counseling, please tell the front desk staff.

You can initiate Counseling Center services through one of four levels of same day consultation appointments.

We understand your situation is unique, cannot be fully described and that a feeling of emergency or crisis is defined by you. In our effort to best serve each student, we will respond according to your description of your consultation need.

When you call or come in for your consultation appointment you will be asked to indicate the level of appointment you are seeking (see levels below):

Expand or Collapse all.

Please be on time for your appointment. In order to serve all students effectively, your appointment may be rescheduled if you are late.

No Bag Policy
In order to help provide our clients and staff with a safe and secure environment, backpacks, purses, bags, or any similar item of any size or kind, are not permitted beyond the reception area of the Counseling Center.  Students can hand carry wallets and electronic items (laptops, phones, etc.) into their appointment.

 If brought to an appointment, limited locker space is available in the Counseling Center.  The Counseling Center is not responsible for loss or damage of items stored in the lockers.

During your ICON you will also receive a copy of the Counseling Center Student Guide to Services and Policies, which provides detailed information about scheduling and canceling appointments, as well as confidentiality and privacy policies and practices.