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Our Staff 

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    B. Lynne Reeder, Ph.D.

    Title: Director 

    Degree: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri Columbia, 1986

    Licenses: Licensed Psychologist- Texas #38776, Licensed Psychologist- Missouri #2017043473, Licensed Psychologist and Health Services Provider Psychologist- North Carolina #2573, Licensed Psychologist- Georgia #2573, Licensed Professional Counselor- Georgia # 3545

    Credential: Health Service Psychologist- National Register of Health Service Psychologists

    Areas of Interest: Administration; Cultural Issues; Graduate and Professional Student Concerns; Adjustment/Life Transitions; Mood Concerns; Culturally Responsive Services; Mentoring; Student Affairs and Higher Education Issues   

    Clare Duffy, Ph.D.

    Title: Assistant Director/Training Director, Assessment Coordinator, Senior Psychologist

    Degree: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Texas A&M University, 2011

    License: Licensed Psychologist, Texas #36492

    Areas of Interest: Multiculturalism; Gender Nonconformity; Sexual Orientation; Personality Development and Relational Concerns; Life-Role/Identity Concerns; Self-Harm; Women's Issues; Substance Abuse; Psychological Assessments; Training and Supervision; Outreach and Prevention

    Hillary Jones, Psy.D.

    Title: Assistant Director/Operations and Assessment, Postdoctoral Residency Coordinator, Senior Psychologist

    Degree: Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, George Fox University, 2010

    Licenses: Licensed Psychologist, Texas #36955 and North Carolina

    Areas of Interest: Gender and Sexual Identity, Trauma Recovery, Body Image Concerns. Anxiety, Adjustment/Life Transitions, Identity and Spirituality Issues, Training and Supervision

    Richard A. Martinez, Ph.D.

    Title: Coordinator of Educational Programming and Outreach, Psychologist

    Degree: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, New Mexico State University, 2013

    License: Licensed Psychologist, Texas #36853

    Areas of Interest: LGBTQIA+ Concerns; Multicultural Counseling; Diversity Training, Supervision & Training; Prevention & Outreach; Identity Exploration; First Generation College Students; Interpersonal Relationships; Adjustment to College

    Rebecca Gonzalez, Ph.D.

    Title: Psychologist

    Degree: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, New Mexico State University, 2015

    License:  Licensed Psychologist, Texas #38584

    Areas of Interest: Diversity/ Multiculturalism; Anxiety; Interpersonal Relationships; First Generation College Students; Trauma Recovery; Career Exploration

    Cordell Spears, Psy.D. 

    Title : Psychologist 

    Degree: Psy .D., Clinical Psychology, Wheaton College, 2018

    License: Licensed Psychologist, Texas #38707

    Areas of Interest: Anxiety disorder; Bipolar disorder; Mental health needs of international students; Mental health needs of Black and African American students

    Claudia Carroll, Ph.D.

    Title: Psychologist

    Degree: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2000

    License: Licensed Psychologist, Texas, #31888

    Interest: Anxiety, mindfulness, diversity/multiculturalism, Intersectionality of identities, chronic illness/pain, eating disorders, substance abuse, group therapy, training and supervision, student development, graduate and professional students, creative professionals, and performance anxiety

    Sergio Barrios, LCSW

    Title: Senior Counselor

    Degree: MSSW, University of Texas at Austin, 1996

    License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Approved Supervisor #29933

    Areas of Interest: Acculturation Process; Life Transitions; Self-Discovery; Relationships; Communication; Anxiety; Career Exploration; Spirituality; Resiliency

    Naomi Coleman Medina, MA-LPC

    Title: Counselor 

    Degree: LPC Clinical Track, Health Psychology, Texas State University, 2013

    Licenses: Licensed Professional Counselor, Texas #72543

    Areas of Interest: Healthy Behaviors; Relationships; Adjustment/Life Transitions; Aging; Self-Compassion; Life-Balance

    Cheryl Nickell, LCSW-S

    Title: Case Manager/Counseling Specialist

    Degree: M.S.S.W., University of Texas at Austin, 1999

    Licenses: Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Supervisor, Texas #33719

    Areas of Interest: Child, Adolescent and College Student Development, Anxiety, Anger Management, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Life Transitions, Parenting Skills, Resource Referrals

    Jennifer Smith, LPC-S

    Title: Collaborative Care Counselor 

    Degree: MA, Clinical Psychology, Sam Houston State University, 2004

    License: Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor, Texas #61931

    Credential: RPT-S

    Areas of Interest: Mind-Body Connections and Wellness Approaches; Phase of Life Transitions; Risk of Harm Prevention and Assessment; Supervision and Training; Adult Play Therapy Interventions; Integrative Care; Professional Ethics

    Gilbert Lopez Jr., LCSW

    Title: Counseling Specialist 

    Degree: MSSW, University of Texas at Austin, 2018

    License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Texas #66622

    Areas of Interest: Anxiety/OCD, Adjustment/ Life Transitions, Interpersonal Relationships, Trauma Recovery, First Generation Students, Student Athletes and Student Veterans 


  • Alyssa Fernandez, Psy.D.

    Title:  Postdoctoral Resident

    Degree Program: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    Direct Supervisor: Richard Martinez, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist


  • Kelsi M. Nummerdor, M.Ed.

    Degree Program: Counseling Psychology

    University: University of Georgia 

    Direct Supervisor: Claudia Carroll, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

    Taryn L. Hollander, M.Ed.

    Degree: Counseling Psychology

    University: Lehigh University 

    Direct Supervisor: Hillary Jones, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist

    Nirvana Ramtahal, M.S.

    Degree: Clinical Psychology

    University: California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International, Los Angeles 

    Direct Supervisor: Clare Duffy, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist. 


  • Erin Morpeth, Ed.S., M.S., NCC

    Degree Program: Counseling Psychology

    University: The University of Texas at  Austin

    Supervisor: Practicing under the professional license of Rebecca Gonzalez, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

    Harmony Stewart, B.A.

    Degree Program: Master of Arts in Counseling

    University: St. Edwards University

    Supervisor: Practicing under the professional license of Rebecca Gonzalez, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist


  • Ethel Banks

    Title: Senior Administrative Assistant

    Maryann Durocher

    Title: Administrative Assistant II

    Cristal Alvarado 

    Title: Administrative Assistant II

    Robyn Hernandez

    Title: Administrative Assistant II

    Mireya De Lara Vargas

    Title: Graduate Assistant 

    Yesenia Lares-Martinez

    Title: Graduate Assistant 


    The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (TBHEC) investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct committed by marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, psychologists, psychological associates, social workers, and licensed specialists in school psychology. Although not every complaint against or dispute with a licensee involves professional misconduct, the Executive Council will provide you with information about how to file a complaint. Please call 1-800-821-3205 for more information.

    Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council

    333 Guadalupe St, Tower 3, Room 900 | Austin, Texas 78701
    (512) 305-7700
    800-821-3205 24-hour, toll-free complaint system