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Counseling Center Fall 2020 Webinar Series

Texas State University’s Counseling Center will be hosting the following Fall 2020 webinar series focused on mental health and wellness for the university community. You can register for each zoom webinar here. Attendance is limited to the first 500 registrants. All webinars will be recorded and accessible on the Counseling Center’s website here following each event.

Connected but Separate: Coping With Social Isolation, Distance Learning, and Working From Home

Wednesday September 9th 2 PM-3 PM

This webinar will provide students with strategies to cope with social isolation and online/distance learning, as well as manage complex responsibilities from home. We will explore topics such as loneliness, “hybrid” learning, and finding ways to maximize your productivity from home. Time will also be allotted at the end of the presentation for Q&A.

I Got This: Cultivating Self-Motivation and Accountability

Tuesday September 22nd 3 PM-4 PM

There are times for most people when self-motivation and accountability are challenging to implement. This webinar will introduce helpful strategies to jump start self-motivation and accountability. The skills presented are intended to help individuals hoping to bolster academic performance and continue to maintain personal responsibilities.

Nothing to Fear, Coping Skills Are Here: Learn How to Manage the Physiological and Cognitive Impacts of Anxiety

Tuesday October 6th 3 PM-4 PM

This webinar will cover the evolutionary function aspects of anxiety, physiological and cognitive symptoms of anxiety and increase your awareness of when anxiety is problematic and when it is functional. Lastly, the webinar will teach evidence based coping skills and practices for anxiety.

Radical Self-Care for Students of Color 

Tuesday October 13th 2 PM-3 PM

This webinar will detail strategies to learn about the psychological impact of racial trauma and racism, strategies for emotional and physiological self-regulation, and ideas to cultivate your own space for healing. It will also cover identifying symptoms of burnout and ideas for rejuvenation/self-care for racial justice advocates of color.

Against All Odds: Academic Success and Psychological Well-being Strategies for First-Generation College Students

Wednesday October 21st 2:30-3:30 PM

This webinar, geared towards students, will discuss how various challenges, unique to first-generation college students, are currently impacting our first-gen bobcats' academic success and psychological well-being. The presenter's goal is to acknowledge and affirm these challenges while providing resources and tools to help first-gen bobcats achieve and maintain academic success and psychological well-being during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

Coping With Uncertainty: Utilizing Mindfulness and Self-Care During a Pandemic 

Wednesday November 4th at 2:30 PM-3:30 PM

This webinar will focus on how the pandemic is a collective trauma/crisis, and how it is important to recognize the impact on our mental health. Topics will include a discussion of what can and cannot be controlled, an overview of mindfulness with guided practice, self-care, and resilience.

Empowering Sex: A Values Based Approach to Sexuality

Wednesday November 18th 2:30 PM-3:30 PM

This webinar will encourage you to explore and clarify your sexual values, with emphasis on affirming all gender expressions and sexual identities. It will allow you to explore the sources of your sexual values, the impact of these influences on how you may have judged your sexuality throughout your life, and ultimately clarifying what values are congruent with your healthy and diverse identity. Lastly, this webinar will teach you to identify behaviors and potential barriers to living congruently with your values.

Faculty and Staff: Supporting First-Generation College Students’ Mental Health and Well-Being

Tuesday December 1st 3:30-4:30 PM

This webinar will overview unique challenges and considerations in supporting the mental health, well-being, and academic success of first-generation college students. Recommendations and strategies to build a supportive and inclusive environment for first-generation college students will be discussed.