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Counseling Center Resources for the Classroom


Extra Credit Opportunities or Assignments

Below are ways that resources provided by the Counseling Center can be used as extra credit opportunities or assignments for classes.

  • Encourage your students to "like" us on Facebook and have them provide the "Stress Tip of the Day" as verification.
  • Encourage your students to "follow" us on Twitter and have them provide the "#StressTip of the Day" as verification.
  • Have your students keep up with us on our Youtube Channel. They can watch the most recent video posted and write a summary about it.
  • Have your students print one of our pins on Pinterest.
  • Students can complete the At Risk Kognito training to learn how to help friends in need. Students can print a certificate upon completion of the online training.
  • Use the Bobcats Reaching Back: Helping A Friend in Distress video on our Youtube Channel and the discussion guide below as an in-class discussion about helping peers.
BRB Discussion Guide (DOCX, 224 KB)

Safety Training Video for Staff

The University Police Department (UPD) has a video available on the topic of dealing with disruptive people.

Click here to watch the video.