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First Year Adjustment

The college years will be one of the most exciting periods in your student’s life. For many students, it also will be one of the most stressful. College students experience constant challenges and face the need for adjustment. While they attempt to cope with the academic pressures of college, they also must negotiate the hurdles of significant developmental changes.

The freshman year is particularly challenging. During this first year, your student will experience new freedoms and responsibilities that he or she has not had to manage before; new and more demanding academic requirements, changing relationships with high school friends, challenges to beliefs and values, and perhaps most important, a changing relationship with you.

Adjustment problems are an expected and common experience for most freshmen. Some experience very few while others experience many. Counselors and psychologists at college and university counseling centers across the country have documented a seasonal pattern to the typical stressors faced by college students. 

Should you believe your student might benefit from counseling, we hope you will encourage him or her to contact the Counseling Center (LBJ Student Center Room 5-4.1, 512-245-2208). We extend our best wishes for an exciting and enjoyable first-year experience at Texas State University to you and your student.