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Non-Urgent Appointments

If in the PAST TWO WEEKS you have had thoughts of hurting or killing yourself or someone else and considered or made a plan of acting on the thoughts, or tried a plan, please call 512-245-2208.  Do not proceed with online scheduling.  For more information, visit our Crisis Appointment page.

When initiating counseling services, common concerns supported through a non-urgent appointment include, but are not limited to:

  • I am having relationship(s) problems or recently experienced a break-up.
  • I am having panic attacks.
  • I am experiencing anxiety and/or stress.
  • I feel depressed and/or have low mood/energy.
  • I am concerned about my alcohol and/or drug use.
  • I am having difficulty adjusting to a recent change.
  • I am unsure about something significant in my future.

Students must be enrolled in summer courses in order to be eligible for counseling during the summer months. Online scheduling is only available for initial consultations. Please call 512-245-2208 for all other inquiries or to schedule appointments if you have already established care with the Counseling Center.

Appointments can be scheduled online up to two weeks in advance.  Due to heavy utilization, if no appointments are available, please return to this page the next business day.  New appointments are released daily.

Online scheduling is only available during business hours.  You will need up to 30 minutes to complete data entry and then you can select your appointment time. Please allow enough time for this process.  Data entry will time out after 45 minutes.

For best results:  Please use a computer with Chrome as the recommended browser.  This process is NOT smart phone compatible.

Please note the day/time of your appointment.  If you cannot attend it is important you reschedule as soon as possible and at least 2 hours in advance by calling 512-245-2208.  We reserve that time for you and not attending limits our ability to support other Bobcats. 

If you no show or are late to your appointment, it will delay rescheduling up to two weeks. If you miss 2 appointments, you will not be eligible to reschedule for the remainder of the semester.  In that circumstance you are welcome to utilize our off-campus counseling referral resources.

This appointment is held via phone.  Please ensure you are in a private space in Texas, are stationary (you cannot be driving), and expect a blocked call at the time of your scheduled appointment.  

If you are seeking weekly, specialized, or intensive counseling, please call 512-245-2208 to schedule a Case Management appointment with our Referral Specialist for one-on-one support.  Comprehensive information and resources are also available.