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Making an Initial Appointment

Make an Initial Appointment

If you are interested in using Counseling Center services,
call 512-245-2208 or visit us in LBJ Student Center 5-4.1.

You can initiate a Counseling Center appointment through a SCHEDULED CONSULTATION or through our URGENT CARE CLINIC if you are in crisis. 

At your consultation the clinician will recommend appropriate sources of support.  The recommendation may include scheduling brief individual (every 2-3 weeks) or group therapy at the Counseling Center. It may be using our on-line services.  Or you may be referred to a more appropriate campus or community resource.  This includes referrals for frequent, longer-term, or specialized therapy or a medication evaluation.

We understand your situation is unique and cannot be fully described.  In our effort to best serve each student, we request that you read the common concerns listed below so that you can appropriately identify which consultation type you need. 

*If you are seeking Group Counseling or Couples Counseling, please tell the front desk staff.

Scheduled Consultations

Starting Monday, November 4th, the Counseling Center is offering enrolled students seeking an initial consultation, in order to begin counseling, a one-time session.  The Counseling Center does not have the capacity to add ongoing appointments at this point in the semester.  You will need 90 minutes.  Thirty minutes are needed to complete data entry and an hour will be spent meeting with the clinician to focus on problem solving more immediate issues.  The clinician will help you identify resources for the remainder of the semester and possibly over the winter break.  If you will be enrolled in spring classes and we determine therapy at the Counseling Center would be beneficial, you will not have to repeat this process when you call to schedule an appointment when classes begin.

The Counseling Center continues to offer unscheduled Emergency and Urgent consultations on a daily basis during business hours (see below). 

These are same-day appointments.  Calling earlier in the day provides you with more appointment times/options.  If no appointments remain available, you will be asked to call on a different day when your schedule is flexible.  If you are asked to call back you may want to try some of the ideas on the 'While you Wait for an Initial Consultation Appointment' page.

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  • Common concerns students bring to an ICON include, but are not limited to:

    • I am having relationship(s) problems or recently experienced a break-up.
    • I am having panic attacks.
    • I am experiencing anxiety and/or stress.
    • I feel depressed and/or have low/mood energy.
    • I am concerned about my alcohol and/or drug use.
    • I am having difficulty adjusting to a recent change.
    • I am unsure about something significant in my future.

    Please note that you will be rescheduled if you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled check-in time due to the heavy demand for this service.

    Upon arrival, you will provide basic information and meet with a clinician for approximately 15 minutes to decide what is the best type of support.  Various services may be recommended and scheduled including brief individual or group therapy, or on-line resources. You may also be referred to a more appropriate campus or community resource.

  • If you are NOT interested in starting therapy or in on-going therapy at the Counseling Center but want assistance for the following reasons please indicate the reason for the appointment when you call:

    • I have a specific concern or question that can be resolved in a single appointment.
    • I need to make a major decision in the next 2-3 days.
    • I am concerned about someone else (a friend, roommate, etc.).
    • I am seeking a referral for counseling elsewhere or medication.

Urgent Care Clinic

The Urgent Care Clinic is available if you are experiencing a safety concern or had a recent traumatic event (eg. suicidal thoughts, recent death or trauma, thoughts of harming others). Our dedicated team is available to provide safety support and planning. This call-ahead/walk-in clinic is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This unscheduled clinic allows students to be seen as soon as a clinician is available and our waiting room provides a comfortable place to sit.

Be On Time for Appt

ICONs will be rescheduled if more than 10 minutes late.
Counseling appointments will be rescheduled or reduced in length if 20 minutes late.

No Backpack/Bag Policy

Lockers will be provided for Backpack/Bags during your session in order to provide our clients and staff with a safe and secure environment.


At your consultation appt you will be provided with information about scheduling /canceling appts, as well as confidentiality and privacy policies

Therapist Assistance Online

Therapist Assistance Online, an interactive, dynamic, and easy-to-access online program is available to the Texas State community and provides skill building exercises in support of anxiety, depression, and other common concerns.