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While You Wait for an Initial Consultation

You may have been asked to call back on a day when you have flexibility to schedule an Initial Consultation (ICON). In the meantime you can:

Try a Self Help program with interactive tutorials

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) provides:

  • Support for managing common concerns including anxiety, depression, relationships and stress.
  • An accessible and interactive online program
  • Skill building exercises

Remember your Physical Health affects your Mental Health

The mind and body are connected. Taking care of your physical health through proper sleep, exercise, nutrition, hydration and limiting use of mood altering substances will help build a foundation for overall well-being.

Try the Student Recreation Center to walk, swim, play basketball, lift weights or use a large variety of exercise equipment.

Visit the Student Health Center for a physical health assessment when needed.

Attend a Student Recovery Alliance to connect with students in recovery for social support.

Join a therapy group

Learn more about our free, confidential weekly, open and short-term groups.  Group is a highly supportive and productive way to address personal concerns.  Students who share common concerns meet weekly as a group with one or more counselors to explore a specific topic and develop coping skills. 

Explore the Counseling Center website

Check out our Self Help & Resources tab:

Phone Apps to help you stay on track with positive mental health strategies

Mental Health Screening to understand any symptoms you are experiencing

Get Emergency help when needed

If you are experiencing a crisis and need emergency help, don't wait.

  • The Counseling Center Urgent Care Clinic is available if you are experiencing a safety concern or have experienced a recent traumatic event (suicidal thoughts, recent loss or trauma, thoughts of hurting others). This call ahead/walk-in clinic is open Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • After hours, call the crisis hotline for Texas State students at 877-466-0660.
  • Call 911 if you have a life threatening emergency.

Seek Counseling in the Community

If you would rather start counseling immediately, there are qualified mental health professionals in the local community.  

  • Make an appointment with our Referral Specialist for assistance locating a local provider and understanding your healthcare coverage.
  • Use  Psychology Today to find a qualified counselor.

Establish a Routine

Check out our Transforming Stress page:

  • Daily relaxation can improve mood, decrease anxiety, improve concentration and problem solving and increase energy to build tolerance to stress.

Brilliant Bobcats Online is a series of 5-modules designed to help you learn academic, time management and study skills.