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Student Comments

Over the years students who have participated in group counseling have provided positive feedback at the end of their group participation. Common comments have included:

It was easy to talk about things and not feel like I was being judged.

It was a safe and comfortable environment to talk about problems, everyone gave me feedback and I knew that I wasn't alone.

It was a place to vent, talk about my experiences and gain support.

I appreciated the cohesiveness and bravery of everyone because they shared their thoughts and experiences while respecting each other.

Learning. There were many things I had hidden from myself and the group helped me understand my experiences. I was able to understand my emotions rather than letting them take control and steer me towards unhealthy choices. I felt helpless before the group and now I feel empowered.

I felt connected with the other group members on issues we all shared. We became close and were able to be honest with each other and not only help each other grow, but also have a good laugh at times.

The projects and themes were helpful in getting the members to talk and explore. I learned a lot about myself in this group.

My group facilitator was an excellent listener, very patient and compassionate and gives straightforward and useful feedback.

The group facilitator's comments were always directly to the heart of the matter and wise. The questions asked were provoking and the feedback was helpful.