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Community Referrals

Community Referrals

The Counseling Center offers assistance with referrals to off campus resources. You may wish to see a counselor who is not associated with the university or you may have been referred to outside counseling  by the Counseling Center clinical staff. We understand that a referral off campus is not always what students expect when they first come to the Counseling Center. Please understand that this recommendation is based on a careful clinical assessment of your situation and on what the Counseling Center is able to offer in terms of treatment at that time. Even if you have been referred off campus, you may come to the Counseling Center if you are having safety concerns and need an emergency appointment.

Counseling Center Referral Service

The Counseling Center has a Referral Specialist on staff who assists students in learning about community resources for counseling and other services (e.g. housing, food, health care).  A student may schedule an appointment with the Referral Specialist for this purpose. The Referral Specialist may assist students in making initial contact with an outside provider or agency and can provide follow up support. If you would like this type of assistance, call 512-245-2208 and request an appointment with the Referral Specialist.

If you would prefer to find a therapist on your own:

  1.  Use this Guide to Off Campus Mental Health Referrals which will guide you through the process of finding out about your insurance benefits for office visits with a counselor.
  2.  Use the PsychologyToday Therapist Finder page.
  3.  Request a list of low cost providers and local counselors from the Counseling Center.  Email or call 512-245-2208.

Medication Service Referrals

If a student seeks Counseling Center services through a consultation appointment or is engaged in counseling at the Counseling Center, the clinicians may refer a student to the Student Health Center physician or psychiatrists for a medication evaluation.

If a student wishes to be referred to a Student Health Center psychiatrist only and is not seeking counseling services, the student should schedule an appointment with a physician or Nurse Practitioner at the Student Health Center and they will determine eligibility for an appointment with a psychiatrist.

A student may schedule an appointment with the Referral Specialist at the Counseling Center if the student would like assistance in finding a psychiatrist in the community.